Installation, Identity,
Moving Image

Developed by Damien Cornu
With advices from Regis Guerin

What if we could discover Ulysse’s Odyssey at our own will choosing where to start, where to go next and when to stop ? Built on Homer’s illustrous book, the user/traveler can explore virtual islands to discover it’s Gods and Goddess through Ulysse’s eyes.

Through this device the virtual traveler takes over Ulysse place and makes his own way on a printed paper map. At this point his road is identified by a infra-red system connected to the map. Matching the detected coordinates, various contents are appearing on two screens. Our digital Ulysse is dicovering a brand new Odyssey, both virtual and real thanks to the map he keeps under the eyes all along his journey. Once the traveler decided to end his trip he has the opportunity to take his map as a souvenir.